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Classic Slim Fit Bodysuit

Classic Slim Fit Bodysuit

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This sports bodysuit will give you a slimming look. It has an adjustable waist, which means it can be worn either way around. This gives you the freedom to move in and out of the suit during your workout. The chest and abdomen area of the suit is designed to keep you supported and help you achieve a flat and toned tummy. This will help tone and firm your stomach, hips and rear. It has a spanx-like effect, which will help you maintain your shape. It also has a high-low waist, which means the waist is higher on the hips, giving you a curvier look. The crotch of the suit is made of a special elastic material, which will not dig in or bind, even when you're running or sweating. This will help keep your bladder and bowels free, so that you can be ready for your next workout.

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